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Tibia Version: 8.54-9.70

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Karamy war is Online! Players: 5/1000

Total War


27 May 2014 - Master Pvp Event

According to the announcement, we started event "Master PvP" .
I will try to briefly tell you what the point is.

For the game,killing, activity and various other factors get points which are intended to reflect yout PVP skills.

Tables of points we find : HERE
The best will be on the top of the table and get a very attractive prizes.
The duration of the event is only week !
We start today 27.05 and finish 3.06

Go into what certainly interested you the most of awards.
At the start of the event cycle Master PvP, we propose the following awards:
1. Karamy Wand [ED/MS] :
Damage dealings with the land, in addition to its sacrifice infect the fire for a while.

2. Karamy Arrow [RP] :
Strong arrow for paladin, like the item at the top his sacrifice infect shock, of course along with physical hits.

2. Karamy Axe [EK] :
Weapon for knights,looks good,seems solid punches don't depend on certain skills, so no need to worry whether skilling axe,sword or club.

1 place: Karamy axe, wand, arrow to choice. Prefix [PVP] before the nick until the end of the second round of the event + 1000 premium points

2 place: Karamy axe, wand, arrow to choice, additional 1500 premium points!

3 place : 1500 premium points

Good luck and get involved because it's worth :) !

Posted by Cr3pT
25 May 2014 - Paypal and premium codes
We fixed bug connected with paypal and free premium points codes

Every "bugged" premium code will add now 100 points more and everyone who has problem with PayPal received 2x more points for payment.
Posted by Keal
24 May 2014 - Introduction
Welcome ,

A few words before the start of the server and information about it.
At the beginning, the most frequently asked questions !

1. Where are the hunting grounds?
Exp gain by killing other players, the amount depends on the level of your victim and the amount of selected hits

2. How to change map (teleport)?
Map change using the command !t then add the number of the city. The choice we have 4 cities numbered

* !t [here space] 1 - Ankrahmun
* !t 2 - Ab’dendriel
* !t 3 - Ice Town
* !t 4 - Kazzordon

3. What are soul orbs and crystal coins?
Soul orbs helps us earn for your dream item from sms shop or add exp , also need to change the gender.
However, after obtainig the 250 crystal coins (cc),we can get any addon from NPC Addoner and also the 1500cc promotions.

4. Where are the trainers ?
Trainers can be found by using the command !t 2 and then at the bottom of the temple enter the teleport.

5. Do as I drop fall something from eq?
When your character dies don't lose anything apart from a few precent earned exp, so no worries, the situation is also a place when we have a red and black skull.

New changes made the change interval on level one will now in the field from 100 to 270 level.
In addition plans to 48h after the start when everyone already well acquaint with the server start of the competition for the master pvp,at the beginning of the game as the prize will serve unique items, postscript [PVP] before nick and well-being that is the best killer on the server.

Welcome to the start time 14:00

Greetings, team

Posted by Cr3pT
13 May 2014 - KARAMY !
Welcome, We are proud to present a brand new War-OTS called KARAMY-WAR.COM that start

24.05.2014r (SATURDAY) at 14:00 pm.

After many hours, days and months, We are ready to start the server. Let's get to the point, what We have preapared for you? What is so special can be found on the server?

First, the stability. Over our server watches team of technicians who in the event of any failure or very strong attack are able to in a few minutes to neutralize adverse situations.

Secondly, experienced administration, We deal with servers for a few nice years, nothing associated with it is not alien to us. Each of us is assigned a task in which he is an expert. In addition, We will look at the position players involved tutor and also senior tutor.

Thirdly,mass events, We have prepared for you among other things tasks on people,raids events monsters from which we gain unique items. We also plan to organize tournament for so-called "Master PvP" at least once a month with attractive prizes. I think that over time this will more so there is no boredom!

Fourth,perfectly prepared map, our map will easily accommodate several hundreads of players, without having to waste time looking for people to fight. Weight attractions by disappearing walls when we pull the lever or mazes and open spaces. Here we can distinguish cities such as desert, ab'dendriel, ice town, kazzordon. The most popular modified maps with unique atmosphere to conduct battles! We also have a few basic types of quest: inq,poi etc.

Fifth,the ability to watch others in real time, so-called cast system,they can transmit broadcast or watch others during intresting wars or quests.

Our server is unique for one more reason, We do not have to worry that you exceed the limit of killings or falls on your favorite equipment. No way! On the contrary, we reward the best trained killers! They get exp,addons or premium points to our SMS shop!

Perhaps you have decided that is the perfect server for you, you like to fight with others without any restrictions and be awarded for it and you want to be "Master PvP" our server, if you are not yet decided We strongly encourage you to see this in practice, nothing what We have described is not a scam! Certainly not regret it.

Have a look at few screenshots from the server.

We cordially invite

Posted by Cr3pT