6 Feb 2016 - START

Karamy-WAR 8.6

Starts: 17.05 at 20.00 PM (Tuesday)

PORT: 7171

We invite you to one of the most famous
and advanced servers WAR.
Karamy-WAR.COM his story began in 2011 under the name
Quickly he dealt with competition Considering the fact of her unprecedented climate
and many interesting options
to satisfy even the most experienced players in terms of PVP.
Our server is the concentration of the best players in PVP,
from whom you can learn a lot, despite the defeat. It is on our server trained to many of the best.
We will not go into the Haymarket obvious things
but our server is free of crashes and lag.
If you have internet in orange install Leatrix Latency Fix 3.0.3
Aim of the game is simple. You die like least times the kill most people. By the murder of others you will receive special prizes.

These awards can be exchanged for some cool extras:

These options are also much much more!
We start with the basic eq as their profession, that no loss can improve thang.

We offer today 3 cities, between which we move with the command ! T for example! T3


Posted by Keal