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29 Aug 2015 - Update#

In today update, at 23:00 pm 29.08 we'll add:
  • Now, anyone can't block quest.
  • We add new map for Team-WAR
  • We fix some bugs.
  • We change normal map from T4 to T2 for a few days.
  • Paygol promotion 50% more points for a week [6.09]

Have fun!

Posted by Team
26 Aug 2015 - #Update
We ran TeamSpeak 3 server. To connect use this:
PORT: 12362

After today #update we'll add:
  • New map Team War
  • Added new quest Time & Energy Ring.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • To 28 of August Promotion Hearth is cheaper about 150 points.

Thanks for playing!

Posted by GM Team
13 Aug 2015 - START
SEVER START 21th of Augut 6:00 PM
Hi This is system which rely on battle of two teams, red and blue. Player is assigned to one of those teams and fight against opposite team, you don't have to worry about searching good team or time spent to regroup, all is doing automatically.
You can join to Team War using command: !team red or !team blue And you can abandon it by command: !back After joining you can find yourselves in two situations: - As a spectator you wait for the end of battle and after this you are moved to new map - You are waiting as a team member for beginning of battle (up to 60 seconds)
When battle begins you just fight with opposite team until last member of it will die. After this you are moved to new map and wait for another battle.
In case of death during battle you are moved to spectators, so yo watch how your team is doing!
Have you ever seen similar system on any other server?
Start Server starts on 21th of August 6 PM.


Zapraszamy !

Posted by TEAM