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Tibia Version: 8.6

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Karamy war is Online! Players: 1/1000

Total War


9 Jan 2017 - Newest informations


Further points added for the best players in PVP remember that typing is done daily!
Here are today's top players with tab Top fraggers daily 30 fraggers.

If anyone of you needs urgent contact, you can write to me on facebook


. When'm not usually I reply to two hours. When I'm the response is immediate.

. Ie tomorrow. Tuesday (10.01) the frequency of raids type rabbits or mosquitoes will be greater.
You will be able to catch a little cc and orbs and even exp. .

Normally I wish you a peaceful and excitement of the game. First of all, do not give up!

Feel free to play!

Posted by Keal
7 Jan 2017 - Rest info!

To connect without lags use IP:

We are proud to write that server reached a record 482 players!
Thank you very much!

At the same time announce that the first day 10 people with tabs
Top Fraggers daily 30 fraggers
will receive from us a free 10 premium points .
Starting from today.
Points will be added every day from 21:00 to 22:00 in the evening. It will be our a little ritual.
It is worth fighting for!

I would like to add that everyone who plays on our server can be proud of yourself. WarOTS is probably the most difficult type of OpenTibiaServer and not everyone is able to meet these requirements, also congratulations!

Feel free to play!

Posted by Keal
6 Jan 2017 - Info!
Dear players, I have for you some information before server starts.

To connect please use ip:

First of all, it is a big movement in our shop sms by what Items may come with a slight delay.

Team-War will be opened within 30 minutes after the server is started For the game prepares about 300 unique people

To start has been little more than half an hour. Thank you very much for your interest. We hope that the former climate and returns the best years of operation is yet to come!

Enjoy the game!

Posted by Keal
30 Dec 2016 - KARAMY START!


TIME: 18:00

TIBIA: 8.6

What can I say?

Karamy-WAR is the most advanced server WAR, not only in terms of game systems but also protect you players.
On the technical side, you can count on professionalism.

Server in 2011, he worked two years without a break and the daily number of players was as high as 600!

We strongly believe that there will be a handful of people who do not treat the OTS as the "3-day" and will never have to reset Karamy as it was a few years ago. We are able to reward regular players.

Enough of this writing! Let's see screenshots and video!

Posted by KEAL