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Tibia Version: 10.76 - 10.82

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Nov 06 2015 - Karamy - week after start!
Welcome Karamy players! That's week after servert start.
We have about 200 players every day, and we still working on new updates like events, training system etc.

What's now?
That's very simple, we are working on new events and system. This edition will be one of the best, at the end of week will be a map update.

Have you any idea? Post it on our forum - certainly we think!

Nov 05 2015 - Update items - balance
Today we have changed items attributes. More informations about items you can find in page "shop offer".

Additional we have added normal trainers - use !train command to teleport there.

Nov 04 2015 - The third day of the server!
The third day passes slowly but the server still plenty of traffic! We want to thank all the players for coming, even in the same server start.

From today 17:00 CET to tomorrow 07.00 CET applies double points for purchased premium points by PAYPAL and DOTPAY transfer.

Below we present two pictures from the server :)

Oct 26 2015 - Facebook Content
The website is almost done - tomorrow we will add link to Karamy Client in download page. Unfortunately our shop page isn't available yet - we will open it tomorrow until 18:00.

We would like to invite you to our facebook contest! Share and like the post, like our facebook profile. Every day we will draw 3 players who will win the following prizes:

3x - 700 shop points
1x - King Scorpion mount

Currently we have over 200 accounts! Thank you all for trust us, we are preparing a great start! Do not forget, anytime you can get a surprise on your account - I'd better to make account now!

Oct 26 2015 - 10.8

Karamy WAR - [10.76 - 10.82]

On November 1st at 20:00 probably the last edition of Karamy will begin! After many hours of work we're ready to present you this new edition.

Our intention is to keep this edition as long as possible, regularly going to do the update, many of you probably think that's a lie - not! Karamy under this version was created from 0, nothing was copied from previous editions. In our list of things to do there is still more than 3 unique events and ideas on the map.

We know that many of you do not want too much to read, so I'll just say - this edition of our server, none of you has ever seen!