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9 Mar 2024 - Karamy is ONLINE!


26 Feb 2024 - START 9 MARCH

On March 9 at 15:00 CET TIME Karamy-War under protocol 8.6 will begin!

Vocation Balance
Karamy server has one of the best OTS server balance, the mass of guilds have made significant contributions to creating it for years!

UE Lock&Exhausted Wave
On our server there is a block of area spells on ED and MS above 15 people on the screen and increased exhausted on the wave.

We have many rankings for you: countries ranking, daily number of frags, weekly, monthly, for all the time and number of deaths daily, weekly, monthly and for all the time. There are also guild rankings and special rankings (contests).

Intellgent system of gaining experience
Our system of gaining experience is created so that reaching maximum level would take some time. System has been designed to take into account free frags and activity of victims - for killing player who just went out from pz you get much less experience than for player who is getting frags for some amount of time.

Skull System
To quickly assess player's skills you just have to look at his level and skull. The skull depends on the number of frags that will change.

Free premium points
For every frag player receive 1 crystal coin and 1 soul orb. For 100 soul orbs you can get 30 premium points (exchange from Djinn).

Addons and promotion
For earned crystal coins you can get addons (150cc) and promotion (300cc) which make that in case of yours death you lose two times less experience.

War System
We offer you original war system which allows you to settle which guild is better. But that isn't all, our author's system in heavy wars will offer additional experience points for participating in wars. Additionally, despite of this, we will be doing statistics guild vs guild without war system.

War Map
Our server includes classic but modernized mp for battles. Four temples will make that everyone will find place for themselves, additionally we have several places for bigger battles (f.e. open battle)

And many more
Moreover on server you will find overwhelming number of functions which are not offered by competitors but really improves the game. With us it is simply a basis. To this things we can include pass through each other players in pz, working commands to change outfits, emoted spells, number of frags by clicking look and other functions.